We love the sea! Hire a boat and enjoy Kefalonia!

Loving Kefalonia

Our love for the sea and Kefalonia was enough for us to take the decision to leave the fast paced lifestyle of the city behind us and settle in, in the larger and most beautiful island of the Ionian sea.

Loving the sea

Sea is our element and therefore most of our activities are surrounded by water. Scuba diving, sailing and kitesurfing give us the chance to escape into the sea that we so much love. Every summer we spend our vacations in the Greek islands, surrounded by water. Upon a boat over the tranquil waters enjoying the Ionian sea. We wandered, traveled and explored and always came back to the serenity of Kefalonia.

Let your self sail

So it wasn’t long until we realized that it was the time to take that leap of faith and turn our passion into our business. From our love for the sea and our passion of exploration we created HOP ON. A boat rental service in Karavomilos Sami Kefalonia where you can become the captain of your own adventure.

We wish to help you find the hidden beauties of Kefalonia through a unique and unforgettable way. To explore the seaside on your own private boat.

Loving Kefalonia? Rent a boat to enjoy the best of the island! Loving the sea? Hire a boat and escape into the sea! Let your self sail with a boat rental!

So HOP ON and..